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DAN Biotech Inc. has been devoted to the development of

eco-friendly new materials based on cutting-edge bio technology

Located in Cheonan, South Korea, Dan Biotech Inc. was established pursuing a mission to solveall types of problems caused by long term taking or misuse and abuse of chemical medicines and antibiotics to cure livestock and fishes as well as human being.


For it, Dan Biotech Inc. industrializes the production of high quality new substance (immunity antibody) that is friendly to animal body through advanced Bio-engineering technology.

R&D staff members in our company are composed of researchers with many work experiences in Korea and abroad in the field of cure for antibody development related to Bio-engineering technology.

Therefore, we are proud of the company’s international competitiveness.

DAN Biotech Inc. is conducting researches on the production technology development of various antigens and antibodies that are essential to immunity antibody production and diagnosis kit development for the prevention and the cure of animal’s metabolic diseases. In addition, some projects are already in the stage of industrialization.